Clinical Standards

The management of young children and adolescents with gynaecological problems (aged 0-18 years inclusive, with appropriate transition arrangements) requires sensitivity in relation to their specific needs. This extends from immediate service provision in acute cases to the more long term management of complex issues relating to sexual function, psychology, endocrinology and fertility.

The British Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology (the Society) is a multidisciplinary Society which was created in 2000 and which has sought to develop a network of Clinical Centres where children and adolescents with gynaecological problems can be seen, assessed and managed to a high standard.

The Department of Health has recently acknowledged the need for a network of specific centres to deal with complex cases relating to the management of Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) as well as other complex and rare cases. The age of presentation of DSD will vary depending on the type of problem and the timing of its manifestation and can occur within the spectrum ranging from the neonatal period to late adolescence and beyond. The prevalence of other congenital anomalies present varies depending upon the population studied and the age at which the problem is likely to be detected.

Standards in PAG final draft